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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Erie Technical Systems, Inc. manufactures manual and automatic equipment for unloading bulk bags (FIBC’s). Our machinery can dispense materials from a variety of bag sizes that hold up to 5,000 pounds. 


Pallet Dispensers & Stackers

Not only does Erie Technical Systems, Inc. manufacture standard pallet handling equipment and systems, but we also manufacture custom equipment. Our top of the line PalletMax pallet dispenser, slip-sheet dispensers and roller conveyors are often paired with our line of bulk bag fillers. 


Conveyors & Feeders

Quality vibratory feeders and vibratory conveyors, manufactured by Erie Technical Systems, Inc., are easy to clean and maintain because of our unique design that ensures the product never comes in contact with any moving parts. 


Flexible Screw Conveyor

Custom flexible screw conveyors manufactured by Erie Technical System, Inc. are designed to convey materials in any direction and past any obstacle for your processing and packaging needs.  

Vibratory Densification Packers

Erie Technical Systems Inc. manufactures Vibratory Densification Packers to increase density for bulk material packing. Our densification packers improve storage, reduce shipping and packaging costs.

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For custom solutions for bulk filling of boxes, totes, bags & drums or for industrial bulk bag unloaders & pallet handling - contact Erie Technical Systems, Inc. today!

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Erie Technical Systems, Inc.

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Custom Bulk Filling Solutions

Bulk Filling Machine

Pnuematic Lifting Cylinder

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Hooks Open Close

FIBC Strap Hanging Hooks Automatic Release

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Dust Collection, Isolation Valve

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Shot Pin Option

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Bulk Filling Machine

FIBC Spout or Liner Inflatable Seal

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Erie Technical Systems

Vibrating Flat Deck Option

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Erie Technical Systems

Vibrating Grid Deck Option

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Bulk Filling Machine

Dust Collection / Blower Isolation Vavle

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Bulk Filling Machine

FIBC Spout Sealing Docking Head

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September 1st, 2016, 2:10 PM
We are excited to announce a new option for our dust free bag break station!  The FlexMAX flexible screw option for our dust free bag break stati...




Erie Technical supplies heavy-duty material handling equipment for industrial applications.   We provide customized solutions based on our proven standard designs.  Contact us today with your bulk filling, bulk unloading or bulk conveying application.